The easiest way to teach classes online
Less than five minutes to launch your personal page, teach online classes, and get paid.
Focus on teaching, not coordinating
Stream classes without worrying about which streaming service to use and how to share links and passwords with students. WakaSaba creates a unique streaming room for each class you teach. Every student that enrolls is automatically sent the link and access code. Create a class, click “Start”, and teach.
Simple and Secure
The easiest way to get paid
Payments for your classes are processed through Stripe and paid out to you automatically. Don't worry about sharing Venmo or Paypal details again. Plus, you'll get paid when students sign up for your classes, so you'll never have to wonder whether someone's taking your class for free.
Earn Forever
Build a catalog of your classes
Each class you teach is an opportunity to earn money forever. Classes you teach are added to your personal catalog and students can enroll in them forever. Make money for all the classes you'll teach tommorrow and for all the hard work you've already done.