AI Powered Hand and Voice Controls

Welcome to WakaSaba, the streaming interface designed for classes that move. Classes where you are far away from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop because you are dancing, doing yoga, in a HIIT class, hitting a punching bag, or anything else you can think of.

WakaSaba is built on an AI platform called Distance Responsive User Interface Design (DRUID) where what you can do, what you see, and how you see it, depends on how far away you are standing from your device.

Let's take a look at some of the things you and class participants can do with your hands and voice.

Action Triggers Overview

Waka can be controlled using hand poses, voice commands, and a mixture of the two.

The main triggers are the phrase "Hey Waka" and holding either hand in the πŸ€™ pose (tip: it works best with your palm facing the screen and your pinky and thumb pointing to the sky, just like the letter 'Y' in ASL).

Waka also responds to certain hand poses on either hand that will send the corresponding emojis to chat.


Send a πŸ‘ emoji: Hold either hand in a πŸ‘ pose for 1 second

Send a πŸ‘Ž emoji: Hold either hand in a πŸ‘Ž pose for 1 second

Send a πŸ‘Œ emoji: Hold either hand in a πŸ‘Œ pose for 1 second

Send a ❀️ emoji: Hold your hands together in a ❀️ pose for 1 second

Coming soon

To play and pause music: Hold the πŸ€™ in the hit box for 1 second

To mute all non-instructors' microphones (for instructors only): Hold your left index finger over your lips (like in a "shush" face) for 1 second

Voice Commands

All voice commands can be triggered by starting the command with "Hey Waka" or by holding πŸ€™and saying the command.

Words and phrases in parentheses "(___)" are optional phrases that you don’t need to say but still work because they are sometimes natural parts of how we talk.

Pro Tip: Voice commands work best on Google Chrome on your laptop and with wireless headphones (like Airpods) connected.

Controlling the stream

To mute and unmute your microphone: "mute (me)" and "unmute (me)"

Coming soon

To mute all non-instructors' microphones (for instructors only): "mute everyone" or "mute class"

Interacting with the class

To send a message to chat: "message" or "question" or "chat" followed by the message content. You can then confirm sending the message or cancel the message with "yes", "send", "no", or "cancel".

For example "Hey Waka message can you show me that again" or "πŸ€™ chat that was fantastic". Then "send".

Coming soon

To send emojis: "Thumbs up", "Thumbs down", "OK", "Love", or "Heart"

Controlling the music (for instructors only)

To play and pause music: "play (music)", "pause (music)", and "stop (music)"

To skip to a part of a track: "go to [___] minute(s)" or "go to [___] minute(s) [___] second(s)"

To go back to the beginning of a song: "restart (song)" or "rewind to beginning"

To change the music volume: "volume [0-10]"

To open the music playlist: "open playlist" or "playlist open"

To close the music playlist: "close playlist" or "playlist close"

To play a specific song in the playlist: "play song [track#]", "play track [track#]", and "play item [track#]"